Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dancing Around the Christmas Tree

This week I have been doing several holiday interventions.  One of my favorites was my adaptation of "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"  I realized that this song is already perfect for incorporating movements due to the lyrics.  I went through the verses and changed up the words to add in several different movements.  As you will see below, I sang through the whole song with 4 different movements.  Then, I sang through the song again singing the 4 additional movements in parenthesis.  Here is an explanation of the movements I used:

1. Rocking=  Alternating arms up and down vertically in front of you with fists closed
2. Clapping= Clap to the beat of the music
3. Twirling= Arms up like a ballerina and spinning in circles
4. Dancing= Sliding feet side to side
5. Prancing= Skipping in place
6. Rolling= Clench fists and roll them in front of you horizontally
7. Twisting= Do "The Twist"
8. Flying= I tell them to fly like reindeer with their arms out

I had come up with several movements for this intervention and then I read Stephanie's blog at The Rhythmic Mind and got some great ideas for additional movements.  Make sure you check hers out as well for another great movement song she created.

Dancing Around the Christmas Tree

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