Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Day of work with a Bang

Yesterday was my first day working privately with individuals in their homes.  I really enjoyed it alot.  I assessed two different clients with homocystinuvi and cerebral palsy.  I was a bit worried about the assessment because I wasn't exactly sure what I needed to assess.  I definitely felt like a newbie going in.  But when I got there, all of my previous training in school and in my internship hit me and I remembered exactly what I needed to do when it came to actually seeing the clients.  To build rapport, I let the clients choose several activities for us to pursue such as playing instruments, singing a song, or playing on iPad.  This worked out very well in that I was able to assess almost every area of cognitive, psychosocial, physical, and communication.  When I needed to continue to assess different areas that hadn't been addressed yet, I offered an intervention that I was already familiar with and knew worked with most clients.  I definitely have much more to assess with these two clients within the next couple sessions before I can pin down some goals.  So far I am very excited with what I am doing and I have many more clients to see this week!

On another note yesterday was a great and terrible first day of work.  I did get to see two clients but on the way to my third client, I had a car accident.  I can't really remember what happened because I was out of it at the time.  What I remember is driving to the client's house looking at the GPS and the next minute I was stumbling out of my car about to pass out.  My flight reaction told me to get out no matter how I was feeling because I was afraid the car was on fire or would explode.  Luckily neither happened.  But the truck I hit caught on fire under the hood.  I remember being hauled into the ambulance wondering what had just happened since I didn't remember the wreck.  I was so grateful to the fireman on the scene and the ambulance driver for taking good care of me when I was in a daze.  And the nurses and doctors at the Emergency Room were so helpful.  I will never take these people for granted again.  I am so glad my husband is in school to be a nurse because I see how much they help people.  Luckily now, I am completely fine.  I am definitely sore and have a headache but other than that, I am in tip top shape.  Here is a picture for you to see what the car looks like now:

I just have to say that I am so grateful to be alive.  God was watching out for me yesterday keeping me safe.


  1. Oh my gosh, Ashley, how terrifying! Thank goodness you are okay!

  2. Thank you I'm doing very well considering what could have been.