Friday, February 24, 2012

There's an app for that.....ABA Flashcards - Alphabet

This app is one of the staple apps that I use almost everyday during sessions. has made some incredible flashcards.  This is one of my favorites because it has a specific picture for every letter of the alphabet.  For example, the first flashcard is A for Apple.  It has audible voices that say the letter, the picture, and cute little animations for reinforcement.  You have the option to turn off the voices to allow your clients to identify the letters.  One of my favorite parts about the latest update is that it has a check mark and an X to keep a tally of what your client has answered correctly and incorrectly.  At the end of the alphabet, you can hit the info button at the top to email the results to yourself showing the percentage your client achieved.  I sing a little tune for each flashcard as we go through the alphabet.

My lyrics are as simple as can be with an easy melody attached:

A is for Apple, Apple, Apple
A is for Apple: A, A, A.

I continue this repetition for each letter and picture until we get to the end.  When they need help identifying the name of a letter, I sing the alphabet song with them and stop on the letter just before the correct answer, allowing them to fill it in.  This usually works really well to help refresh their memory about what letter comes next.

Check out this app for a great addition to your app collection!!!

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