Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Serenade 3: Four Seasons

 This is the third addition to my series Sunday Serenade.  The last couple weeks I have not been able to post due to being extremely busy!  I will try to post more regularly as much as I can.  This week, I would like to share a song with you that I wrote called, "Four Seasons."  I have been working with several of my clients on answering wh questions.  I found that a few of them have trouble answer when questions involving the seasons.  An example can include:  "When do you usually make a snowman?"  Another question I could ask is "When is it really hot outside?"  These are questions that definitely require previous knowledge of the four seasons.  So that is why I created this song describing characteristics of all the seasons.  I have been using this for over a month and I have definitely seen some improvement.  One of my clients is able to tell me all four of the seasons before we even start singing this song.  Before he could only tell me one.  Repetition with this song has been a huge factor in improvement.

 Take a listen below and you can purchase the mp3 by hitting buy underneath.  Also, if you would like to purchase the chord sheet music, hit the BUY NOW button.

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