Monday, April 23, 2012

30 days of apps: Day 22 &23

Day 22:  Glee


Glee is an app that allows you to sing familiar songs from a list.  With this app, auto-tune can be turned on or off allowing anybody to sing on pitch.  Each song cost a certain amount to purchase.  You can also compete with others around the world gaining points.

MT Applications:

1.  Self Expression
2.  Choice Making
3.  Speech Articulation/ Fluency


Day 23:  Ukelele


Ukelele sounds very similar to the real instrument and allows you to pick songs to play.  It positions the chords in order and you play them while singing the song.  You have to be familiar with the song already if you want to accompany yourself with Ukelele.

MT Applications:

1.  Fine Motor Skills
2.  Improvisation
3.  Choice Making
4.  Sequencing

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