Monday, April 9, 2012

30 days of apps: Day 9

Day 9:  DocScan HD


DocScan is an app that takes the place of your printer scanner.  Since an iPad cannot actually scan documents, DocScan takes a picture of your document and then gives you options to make it brighter, darker, etc.  The full version can hold many documents at one time and allows you to send and backup the documents through e-mail,, dropbox, evernote, google docs, or other apps.  

MT Applications:

1.  Scan Paperwork
2.  Send progress notes to guardians
3.  Less paper and ink!
4.  Scan any document to save for later


  1. Scanning your documents is really important especially if they are one of a kind.

  2. It is easier to manage and use your documents when they are in your computers or mobile phones. Going paperless is indeed more convenient and apps like this makes everything easy. email encryption

  3. If you have this kind of application, you would probably don't need to have printing services from computer shops and other printing companies. All you have to do is to have an ipad and this application. In fact, I have this kind of app in my ipad.

  4. This is really a good tool that makes document management services easier. An easy app to scan your documents is a great help when you immediately need your files.

  5. I agree. This is a must have tools for apple ipad and iphone users. In fact, I have this application in my ipad. Aside from this tool, I also use a cloud computing Bristol product to keep my other important files synced and safe.

  6. I have an ipad and iphone with this application installed. I used to go to a bristol Printing company to have my papers scan, but with this application made my life a bit easier. Going to printing companies is now an option for me, especially if I need some editing or printing stuffs.