Sunday, April 8, 2012

30 days of apps: Day 6, 7, and 8

Well I feel terrible for not keeping up this past weekend with my daily posts!  I had a very crazy and busy weekend in several different cities running around!  I will hopefully make it up to you guys by posting three apps in one post!  Here goes....

Day 6:  Pinterest


The pinterest app is very handy on the iPad.  You can download a bookmark that allows you to easily pin any information from any website onto your virtual pinboards.  Pinterest has become the new hottest trend in the Music Therapy World!  You can pin anything from recipes, fashion, decorations, crafts, MT interventions, and music!  You can keep all of your ideas in one place for other followers to see and repost.  They still haven't created an official iPad app so I just use the iPhone version and magnify it.

MT Applications:

1.  Networking with other therapists of all kinds
2.  MT Intervention ideas
3.  Intervention ideas from SLP's, OT's, and PT's (can be incorporated in music therapy sessions)
4.  Unlimited resources for any population
5.  Ideas for creating your own visual aids

 Day 7:  Box for iPhone and IPad


One day I realized that my dropbox was pretty much almost full and I did not really want to pay a monthly price to upgrade to more gigs.  So I looked around and found this wonderful app.  Box awarded me 50 free gb just for creating an account and downloading the app.  This app is becoming more and more compatible with other apps in backing up your documents.  I can save them directly to my box app on my iPad and it shows up in my account on any computer I log into.  With dropbox, I only received 5 free gb.  If you want more storage, this is the app to download!

MT Applications:

1.  Storage for anything and everything
2.  A way to save downloads from your iPad
3.  Passcode to keep out curious clients! ;)
4.  Sheet music ready when you need it


Day 8:  Blogsy


I don't know a lot about this app but I know that it could definitely be a great edition for me.  If you are an avid blogger, this is very helpful when you don't have access to a computer.  On my iPad I cannot usually post blogs because I am not allowed to insert images or media within the new post.  With blogsy, you can drag and drop photo and video from sites like Flickr or Picasa into your post.  Basically this is the go to app for anything blog related.

 MT Applications:

1.  MT blog editing
2.  Compatibility with blog sites: Wordpress, Blogger, etc.
3.  Create rich text emails with photo, video, etc.

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