Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Autumn is here!

Well, one of my favorite seasons is here!  That is of course besides winter.  And winter only because of Christmas.  Otherwise I love autumn because of the temperatures here in Texas!  We finally start to see fall in October.  Isn't that sad?  We have to wait much longer than all of the other states!  But I love this season because of the beautiful cool weather and the colorful trees.  Of course, Texas trees haven't become that colorful yet since a few days ago it was in the 80s!  But today was wonderful.  And this week I have been singing a song that is about autumn with my clients in schools.  Many students still have trouble with their seasons and need to understand the differentiation between them.  In my song "Autumn Leaves", I sing about the colorful leaves that appear in this season which helps to set it apart from other seasons.  One of the questions I ask my classes before I start the song is, "What colors of leaves do you see in the fall?"  I allow the students to give me all of their guesses which usually contain at least one or two correct colors.  The main colors that I focus on within my song are orange, brown, red, and yellow.  When they hear the leaf color they are holding, they wave it in the air and let it float to the ground.  This is great for color identification, selective attention, gross motor movements, following directions, participation, and social interaction.  So here is the song below, take a listen!

***Note:  If you view the chord chart below on a mac product such as a phone or ipad, you may see missing letters.  When downloaded, the words will fully appear.

Autumn Leaves

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