Monday, October 3, 2011

Here is the second part of my favorite harp apps that I use on my iPad. The first one was Echo String which has preset chords, songs, and note named strings. The app I am glint to talk about today is called Air Harp. What is so amazing about this app is that it is just like a Music Maker or lap harp but is much more portable. Within the app, there are many song sheets in different genres from kids to adults. Also, packs can be purchased for cheap within the app. I think I purchased a relaxation pack for 99 cents that included Amazing Grace, Clair de Lune, and others.

This harp places the music underneath the strings. Notes such as quarter, half, and eighth notes show up under the string right where it needs to be played. Anybody can play it. All the have to do is just follow the notes. They don't even really have to have the correct rhythm for the piece to sound great. And of course you can play your own pieces as well with the notes placed on one side of the screen for a guide. I definitely recommend this app for a variety of clinical goals. Some of these include: fine motor skills, sequencing, reading right to left, and motor processing.

Here is a video below:


  1. Hi, Ashley! I LOVE Echo String (made a post about it myself) but have never heard about Air Harp! I'll have to try it out - thanks for sharing!

  2. Well I'm glad that I coukd help! What is your blog called? I will have to take a peak!