Thursday, October 6, 2011

Someone Like You Lyric Analysis

Lately I have been hearing a song on the radio all the time.  I have grown to really love it.  This song is "Someone Like You" by Adele.  The reason I love this song so much is partly the passion that she puts into it.  She really means what she says when she is singing.  It is nice to find artists who aren't afraid to show feeling and rawness in their creations.  The lyrics can be very meaningful and emotional for some people.  So today I decided to cover this song myself.  I loved singing it and I hope you enjoy it.  You can click this link to get a free file of "Someone Like You" fill-in-the-blank for lyric analysis.  The way I formatted this sheet was to allow blanks to be filled in by clients in a session.  This song could be of particular interest to someone who has just gone through a break up and has depression afterward.  Or this song could be for anybody that is having trouble letting go of a relationship of any kind or that is trying to cope with how they are feeling after a serious event with another person.  Goals could include emotional expression and self expression.  Here it is, Enjoy!!

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  1. Your voice is beautiful! You are so talented and reading through your other blogs and following you on Facebook, I know you will be a great Music Therapist. You have so much to offer to students and others entering the fascinating world of Music Therapy. Keep up the good work!